Sticky, green, murky and dark: 002!

Bupkis zine 002 Green n Mean is out NOW!

Making this second issue of our zine was a long but enjoyable process, and so completely different in comparison to the making of our first issue. With the fantastic financial support we recieved from selling our first issues we were able to do so much more this time round. We made merchandise (which is available to buy in the shop section of this website), colloborated with other artists, set up photoshoots as well as finally create this much needed website and blog! And we plan to do more and more for each issue. Aiming to create a more community based zine. We are now open for submissions from anyone that has any kind of idea, big or small, either for our next issue or for our new blog - which will be updated regularly.

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone that was involved in the making of this second issue, and hope you enjoy! We hope you continue to support us, all the money we make goes into making the next issue.

Bupkis is a London based zine exploring the sloppy and clumsy through colour.

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Peckham Books, London

Wells Projects, London

Glasgow Zine Library 

Clapham Books

Wandsworth Oasis

Wells Projects


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