June stuff we liked this month

A list of things we liked this month, hand picked by your local hags Zerrin and Izzy -aka the Bupkis team!


Becoming is a documentary released on Netflix this year (2020) following Michelle Obama's life after being the first lady of the United States. Directed by Nadia Hallgren. This documentary takes a candid look into Michelle's hopes for the future and all of the work she is currently doing, after her duties of being first lady took over her life for almost a decade. Michelle's honesty when talking about her commitment to her husband - former president Barack Obama is extremely moving. Michelle is now able to fully explore her own path out of the shadow of being first lady, although of course she will forever (for me anyway) be the greatest first lady of all time, it undoubtedly is such a heavy commitment to have carried for 8 years of your life.

I really enjoyed this documentary, Michelle is such a smart, inspiring and honest woman that comes across so down to earth and relatable. A must watch!



Boiler Room and British Council documentary

Makina is a short documentary made by Boiler Room and the British Council, released this year (2020). Makina is a hardcore techno style of music that originally originated from Spain and made it’s way to the north east of England and Scotland. From around 1999 to 2006 Makina was the heart and soul of the rave scene in North East England. In this documentary a few geordie ravers from the scene speak out about this genre of music through nostalgic eyes. Undoubtedly one of the best documentaries I have seen in a while.

Japanese souffle pancake video recipe


During lock-down baking and cooking have become something fun, creative and enjoyable to do to pass the time. Upon looking for recipes online I stumbled upon Japanese souffle pancakes and had to find a video tutorial for a recipe to follow. Unfortunately at the time of writing this flour is still something that is hard to get your hands on, but as soon as I do, I will be making some of these delicious looking cushions of sweetness!


Give a listen to this Gurls Talk podcast where Adwoa discusses activism, vulnerability and changing your narrative with Black Lives Matter ambassador and futurist storyteller, Janaya Future Khan.

Gurls Talk is an online community for young women to discuss issues such as Education, Mental Health, Depression Sexuality, Relationships, Problems, Self-care, and Art.

30 day morning yoga movement

The 30 day morning yoga movement created by online yoga teacher Kassandra has been a fantastic way to help add structure and purpose to a very empty schedule. Engaging in just 10 minutes of yoga each morning for 30 days is a productive and easy way to challenge yourself.

During the covid19 lock-down there has undoubtedly been a massive influx of people engaging with online exercise classes. Yoga with Kassandra is by far one of the best online yoga teachers. Finding a non-annoying virtual yoga teacher was a difficult task, and after receiving multiple recommendations for Kassandra’s yoga channel it is safe to say there is no going back to any other online teacher. These classes are completely free and accessible to everyone who has the internet.

Zerrin's book recommendation of the month: The Rice Mother by Rani Manicka

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