July stuff we liked this month

Mucho Mucho Amore

Directed by Cristina Costantini and Kareem Tabsch, Mucho Mucho Amore is a documentary released in 2020, following the later years of Walter Mercado's life by taking an in-depth look at his whole career. The iconic Latino astrological figure that is Walter Mercado has lived a truly fascinating life of glitz and glamour, and if like me you are super intrigued by astrology this is definitely worth a watch. Available to watch on Netflix.

Bad Gays Podcast

After finding it hard to delve into the popular world of podcasts because of the vast amount of choice and a couple of not so great recommendations, finally I found a brilliant podcast: Bad Gays - about evil and complicated gays throughout history. This is a super insightful, thorough yet accessible listening experience!

The Vegetable Orchestra


The Vegetable Orchestra is an Austrian musical group who formed in 1998 and they literally play music purely with vegetables that they've carved and crafted into instruments - and I CAN'T STOP LISTENING! Absolutely incredible! Click the link above to find out more about them and if you just want to listen give them a YouTube search.

Taiwanese laundry-modelling grandparents

Taiwanese 84-year-old Hsu Hsiu-e and husband Chang Wan-ji, 83 have become "Insta famous" gaining over 130,000 followers by modelling abandoned and neglected clothes found at their local launderette over the years. With the help of their grandson Reef Chang as photographer he helped them style and pose for photographs inside the launderette.


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