Easy Butternut Squash Tart

Our friend Ellis has been rustling up some delicious looking food during lock down and will be taking over our Bupkis Blog Recipe section for the next few months. Up first Easy Butternut Squash Tart!



• 225g plain flour

• 100g butter


• X1 butternut squash

• A handful of asparagus

• X1 white/brown onion

• X3 cloves garlic

• X1 packet of feta (do not buy the dead cheap stuff, it is rank compared to even the next one up – i.e. ASDA own brand “salad cheese” = no no no)!

• X2 tsp oregano

• X1 tsp Marigold Organic Reduced Salt Swiss Vegetable Bouillon Powder

• Salt – good pinch

• Black pepper – good few cracks • Olive oil


• Tart dish or tin

• Baking ceramic beads

• Roasting tin

• Mixing bowl

• Chopping board, knife

Easy Butternut Squash Tart Method:

• Heat oven to 200 / gas mark 6

• Cut butternut squash in half (in skin). Drizzle with oil and sprinkle over oregano, Marigold power, salt and pepper.

• Cook until gold. Stick a knife in to test, if it easily goes in and doesn’t feel hard, it’s done! Takes about 20 minutes, but keep your eyed on it.

1. In the meantime, make the pastry. Put flour into bowl, with butter (cubed). Rub between fingers so it makes a bread crumb like consistency, then add 2-3 tbsp water until it forms a dough. Then put flour onto surface and knead until nice and smooth. Cover, and put into fridge for the time being.

• Take out butternut squash and leave to cool a little. Once cooled, use spoon to scoop out and put into mixing bowl.

• Chop up onion finely and crush garlic and chop finely. Put this into a mixing bowl with squash.

• Smush up together either just with a spoon, or use a masher. Have a little taste, and if needed add more salt, pepper and dare I say, oregano!

• Cut out some baking paper, so it is the right size for the tart tin or ceramic tart dish – making sure it goes up the sides too. If using a tin, make sure it is mothered in butter, so pastry doesn’t stick to it – like when you bake a cake.

• Get pastry out of the fridge and roll out so it’s the right size for your tin / dish.

• Put pastry in the tin / dish and poke with a fork so there are some small dots, and cut off any excess pastry from around the edges.

• Put on baking paper and then fill with ceramic baking beads. Pop into oven, and blind bake for about 10 minutes – towards the end, take out beads and baking paper so middle gets cooked too (see photos below).

• Smother pastry with butternut squash filling so even.

• Next crumble feta all over, and then add asparagus.

• Put into oven and cook for about 15-20 minutes until feta and asparagus look cooked.

What it should look like with baking paper and ceramic baking beads:

What it should look like once it has been blind baked:


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